Mike Tyson said “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”.

The NDP is a plan which will be punched in the mouth by market forces.




After some faltering the NDP is now back on course with a new 6 week consultation period starting soon. The Steering Group said, at a meeting on 20Oct16, that you will all be leafleted and asked to comment. This is your last chance to make a material difference in the making of the plan. After this stage you will only be able to make make technical comments to the Examiner. If you do not have your say now you have no moral right to object to the plan, if and when it gets through the referendum, and is adopted.

Keep a keen eye on this web site and the BGPC web site.




Contrary to the stated policy of your NDP, and no doubt included under pressure from subsidy chasing ecologically illiterate farmers, growing biomass for fuel is not a good idea.




Urban sprawl

Lingen circa 2025?

Read the NDP, “Meeting Housing Needs”,”List of Alterations” and Schedule of Representations here

If you can, please make comments on the NDP and send them to your parish councillor before the extraordinary meeting to be held on Thursday 30 June. The meeting is at Adforton at 1930hrs. Try to attend.

If this version of the NDP is accepted by BGPC there will be another 6 week period of consultation when comments may be submitted to the Examiner.

So far I have only briefly scanned the NDP but my immediate reaction is that the second sentence of Objective Five, page 9 is gibberish and must be redrafted, and, how can there be any development in Lingen without increasing traffic? See Policy BG1 page 9.

As a general comment I would remind the Steering Group that recently an application at Yew Tree Cottage was refused partly on sustainability grounds. How can ANY development in Lingen possibly comply with sustainability objectives?

I am appalled at the absurd prospect of development at site W2, Walford. This would amount to development in open countryside, on a greenfield site. It would utterly transform that locale in a highly negative manner. The quality of life of occupiers on that site would be low because their lives would be blighted by traffic noise from the main road. This proposal must be quashed as being disastrous. I am equally amazed at the proposed sites A2 and A3 in Adforton. Access to the main road here would be fatal so, in my view, those sites are untenable. Site L6 would be a ghastly visual intrusion at a focal point and blight the church. I thoroughly approve site A1 at Adforton and cannot understand why it was not developed ages ago! I also approve of the other infill development at Lingen site L5. These two sites between them should be enough to satisfy needs within Border Group and I therefore think the NDP has over supplied sites.

I also ask how sanitary it is for landowners, with obvious interests, some criminally undeclared, to be members of the Steering Group, the self selected group producing the NDP. Even worse, some of them are also councillors in BGPC which will be asked to approve the final NDP! This is positively the stuff of Banana Republics and questions should be asked. At the very least any landowning councillors, or councillors who are also members of the Steering Group, must be barred from voting. As I have always said the NDP amounts to little more than landowners granting each other planning permission. For further evidence that this is the case see how the Settlement Boundaries for Lingen and Walford have been altered to follow ownership boundaries and to randomly include areas that owners have said they might make available for development rather than more natural boundaries such as the Conservation Area.