Wittily named “Broader News” was set up to counter “Border News”, the now defunct propaganda organ of Border Group Parish Council.

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Who is the phantom Strongbow Cider man?

I pick up several Strongbow cider cans every time I do a litter run. Today it was eight between Birtley and Lingen city limits on the Kinsham side. This antisocial shitbag is quite clearly drinking and driving as well as being a disgusting litter lout. Someone must know who he is as he is clearly a local resident, otherwise there would not be so many cans quite so regularly. If you know him tell him to desist.



Parish council

From the Daily Telegraph 21Feb17

SIR – Do Lord Mandelson and the other peers who have served the European Union in various offices declare their financial interests in the Brexit debate? They are pensioners of the EU, and as such they have a lifelong obligation of loyalty to the EU.

The Department for Communities’ guide to councillors advises that, if one has a pecuniary interest relating to any business under consideration, one must not participate in the discussion or in any vote taken on it. Does this rule not apply to the Lords?

Tom Bliss
Fulbeck, Lincolnshire

Does it apply in BGPC I wonder? Two BGPC councillors have been found guilty of not declaring interests by the Monitoring Officer but absolutely nothing has happened, not even an apology! Rotten, corrupt and insulting. Vote them out at the next opportunity.