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Parish council

Extract from the minutes of the November 2015 meeting of the Steering Group of the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)…..

“Bill Bloxsome gave an overview of the redraft of the plan. And said that there had been general agreement with Mr. and Mrs. Harley regarding the policies for Brampton Bryan and Walford.” [verbatim]

As I understand it Neighbourhood Development Plans are “of the people, by the people and for the people”, to misquote Abraham Lincoln. It seems more than surprising then that policy for a great part of the BGPC NDP defined area is being decided by “general agreement” with land owners, and, according to the minutes, with the full knowledge of the professional advisor.

This is absolutely contrary to the spirit and purpose of NDPs, against all guidance and so antidemocratic as to be positively medieval. An explanation will be sought from BGPC and the matter will be reported to the inspector in due course.

I urge all parishioners to take a closer interest in the various shenanigans of the NDP Steering Group and the Parish Council, and pay particular attention to Declarations of Interest. For example, Councillor Phil Barnett has been on the Steering Group for a long time. His wife’s plot next to the church in Lingen has been identified as a potential building plot in the emerging NDP for just about as long and yet Councillor Phil Barnett only managed to declare his interest in that plot at the Extraordinary Meeting of 30Jun16, and that was after I had made noises to the Monitoring Officer and the Clerk and Chairman of BGPC! By virtue of her family connection I think Councillor Susan Harley should be banned from voting or discussing any BGPC or NDP matters or decisions affecting any Harley owned land.

For me the whole process has stunk to high heaven from the outset and I repeat my opinion that the NDP would, and has, amounted to little more than land owners granting each other planning permission, with the added benefit for HCC that it has been able to fill its five year housing land availability, a requirement of the NPPF to validate the Local Plan. (No five year land supply for building – no Local Plan -No Local Plan all planning decided according to the very loose NPPF)



Parish council

In an amazing admission, environmentalists are now acknowledging that they were wrong to have promoted biofuels! This came about due to the overwhelming evidence that biofuels are a NET environmental liability.

Of course biofuels were a bad choice all along, so why did we waste enormous amounts of time and money going down this dead-end road?

The answer is obvious: this was a self-serving lobbyist idea. Essentially every time we have lobbyist-written energy and environmental policies the results have been:

1 – objectives that are not met,

2 – costs that are much higher than projected, and

3 – numerous unintended adverse consequences.

The solution is simple: we should have Science-based energy and environmental policies.

When will we learn?

I fully expect that in the not-too-distant future that environmentalists will make a similar begrudging concession about industrial wind energy.


The indisputable fact is that no scientific assessment has concluded that wind energy is a Net Societal Benefit — because it’s not.


Lobbyists (e.g. AWEA) have become skilled at deceiving the public about Science — because they know that a scientific endorsement of their product is effectively animprimatur.

In their aggressive campaign to undermine genuine Science, they have successfully recruited some sympathetic, susceptible scientists to be their allies in presenting fake science. It’s a sad story.

Here are some excellent comments about real Science that should be understood and committed to memory.

Once we’re clear about what genuine Science is (a process), it will be much harder for the con artists to fool us into thinking that biofuels, wind energy, etc. are sensible energy options.
john droz, jr.


But….BGPC’s NDP promotes biofuels! When will they learn?



Parish council

Let’s hope BGPC never becomes this bad, although they are working on it.

More on that story here. Use the links at the top right hand side of the Melbourn Home page.




97% of scientists agree, right?

This video is worth four and a half minutes of your time.



Parish council

For those who can’t find it BGPC website is here